HGTV Seeking Home Tiki Bar Creators

A representative from a production company affiliated with HGTV has been trying to enlist creators of home tiki bars for profile on a do-it-yourself program for the channel. The initial post was confusing and misleading — the representative said they were looking for “tikis” when they meant tiki rooms, a rather puzzling thing to get confused. Repeat requests don’t seem to have generated a whole lot of interest. There is no lack of these fantastic at-home getaways out there in the tiki community (I did a mental tally the other day and realized that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit literally dozens of them), so I’m not sure why they’re having trouble.

Personally, I’m a bit turned off by the pitch’s seeming attitude of “designers & contractors — who needs ’em? We’re looking for real people!” It’s a blurry line in the tiki community, and the pros and the amateurs co-mingle so much that folks don’t really seem to make a distinction between them. The many, many DIY-type tiki folks are considered designers even if they’ve only done their own tiki room; those in our community who are able to transition to doing interior design and contracting for tiki for a living are strongly encouraged and supported, not knocked as no longer being “real people.” That, combined with the representative’s weird initial mix-up about what a tiki even is, and the many horror stories I’ve heard about how these production companies will run rough-shod through your home… I’d certainly have some reservations before signing up with them. But those are just my guesses, it’s hard to say why they don’t seem to have sparked much interest.

3 thoughts on “HGTV Seeking Home Tiki Bar Creators

  1. Whenever I see requests like this from TV crew (which I’ve gotten a few of over the years) I always pass the info along saying something like “I’m just passing this guy’s info along; It’s up to everyone personally to decide whether or not this is real, serious, and if the pros outweigh the cons.”


  2. I emailed the guy and got a reply. Oddly, in the reply was the actual show detail request which should have been in his TC post. It was much more clear. They are looking for homes, yards, dog houses, etc. that are done by normal home owners, not contracted out, that have the “Wow” factor. He said they were already planning on shooting in the Knoxville area and so my place had a good chance of getting on the show. I am quizing my friends for other DIY over the top home projects they can shoot while here. HGTV is based in Knoxville, but the shows are produced all over the place and only a few, like Shadetree Mechanic are actually done here.


  3. Heather and I almost got on an HGTV special based on our Buckaneer Bathroom – We were pushing the Monkey Hut (the show was about DIYers) but we got bumped.

    The producer: There’s too much tiki in production right now.



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