Dumb Angel Magazine Starts a Blog

Dumb Angel Balboa - Stuft Shirt Restaurant
Dumb Angel Balboa – Stuft Shirt Restaurant

Domenic Priore & Brian Chidester, the creators of Dumb Angel Magazine, have started a blog. This is a time for great rejoicing. If it’s anything like the magazine (which recently published a very book-like Issue #4 after a 16 year interlude) the posts will be sporadic, but each one will be long and jam-packed with pictures, history, and lots of references. Dumb Angel’s focus is the Southern California scene of the 1960s, the influences that went into creating that era, and the influences that came out of it. The heart of their passion is the music, but passion drives them to paint the most complete picture possible, and results in authoritative articles that launch off in the most far-flung, unexpected directions. They have a talent for pulling together threads from every which direction, and making it all make sense. My already fervent love affair with Southern California is driven to even further heights every time I read one of their pieces.

One of the first entries is an encyclopedic look at Balboa in Orange County, including the above picture of the Stuft Shirt Restaurant. Any description I would attempt would sound confusing and wouldn’t do it justice — just go check it out.

2 thoughts on “Dumb Angel Magazine Starts a Blog

  1. Dear Humuhumu,

    I can only say how much I am humbled by your comments. Domenic and I both read your comments here and on our blog tonight, and we really dug how much you GOT it. Never let go of your ability to be fascinated by new things, and to embrace them at the same time. Being close-minded is for squares.

    Stay Groovy.


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