Hale Tiki in Augusta Has Closed

Tiki at Hale Tiki in Augusta
Tiki at Hale Tiki in Augusta

The Hale Tiki in Augusta, Georgia has gone out of business. The bar opened to much fanfare in 2004. The bar was owned by Brad “The Beachcomber” Owens, who enlisted the help of Basement Kahuna, Bamboo Ben, Crazy Al, and many other carvers and artists, ultimately creating a tapa and bamboo encrusted bar that was unusually lovely. Initially things were promising, with raves about the uncommonly good drinks, and music only being played from vintage lps.

All was not rosy, however… Owens earned some very bad publicity when he didn’t follow through on many mug and shirt orders, and did not communicate in a timely fashion about the status of orders, leaving many tikiphiles who were trying to be supportive of the Hale Tiki feel cheated. Eventually the orders were filled, but the damage had been done to Owens’ reputation. Down the road, a business feud with Basement Kahuna also seemed to negatively impact the mana of the place — I’ve heard multiple reports about the dismal quality of the drinks there in recent months, and the declining decor.

Today on Tiki Central, Brad Owens announced that the Hale Tiki’s final day was last Friday, February 17. He says he’s considering offers to sell the bar outright, but it may not open again. No word on what will come of the many carvings and artwork, some of which were donated to Hale Tiki by Tiki Centralites.

I’m glad that I got to enjoy Hale Tiki in happier times, and I lament its loss.

13 thoughts on “Hale Tiki in Augusta Has Closed

  1. There have been rumors around the place for a while. Though I don’t know what is the truth, this many rumors implies something was not right.

    [Edited by Humuhumu to remove gossip.]

    The mug orders eventually were not filled by Brad. Brad never paid for the entire order of signature mugs from Tiki Farm and the folks at Tiki Farm stepped in and found out who did not get their mugs and sent them Hale Tiki mugs and ate the cost of the mugs and shipping. Three cheers for Tiki Farm! Another instance of the tiki ohana giving of itself for Hale Tiki.

    It’s a shame that so much was given to that place with nothing expected in return but good mana, and by all accounts the business was solid, and then it got run into the ground.


  2. Comment by anonymous β€” February 23, 2006 @ 1:38 pm



    You got your wish. Time to let it go.

    It was a fun build out though. Got to see James Brown’s Home Town!!
    Hit me! It’s got to be Funky! And, grits too!!!


  3. I guess my VIP card with its promise of free drinks for life is no good any more. 😦

    It was a fun time Ben and was a glimpse at what a lot of good people can do. I wish all that had been sent my way to open a place here. But I also wish Tennessee liquor law was as open as Georgia! It was also an image of what you and Al can do in a couple of days with a pile of materials and an empty canvas.

    I’ll never forget the occasion of the opening when I got to see Pablus break the single night drinking record and actually be drunk. More possible and less possible today.

    I do hope the stuff inside the place ends up in the hands of the right people. Dave should be able to get his carvings back. I want some of that New Guinea stuff I picked out. There is still a bail of thatch in the attic and piles of bamboo. Tikis, fish floats… Sabu should get that shell back. It’s a beauty.


  4. Fair enough. Just seems like it’s cheap shot tacked onto an otherwise legit newspost.

    Yeah, anon posting + rumors = chickenshit. If you don’t have enough confidence in your own info to be willing to put your name to it, then why pass it on? I’m sure most folks will be reasonable and read it for what it is, a bunch of questionable stuff on the internet by someone who was trying to hide, and come to their own conclusions.

    Like Ben said, it was fun while it lasted.


  5. Wow, Humu, what a temper. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure someone posted as H who is not.

    Put it this way. It’s hard to say these things are true when you did not personally witness them. But, when you trust the sources are legit, you think enough to say they are worth considering. I don’t want to say they are 100% true because they are pretty harsh. But, I am not about to say they are pure rumor because of the sources.

    [Edited by Humuhumu to remove gossip.]


  6. People, I was just informed about this by a friend that saw it…That was not me that posted the above comments, and I will swear on my life to it.. While it was a dissapointing personal experience, I let this go publicly after the court case was settled…I’ve had no [public] comment to make about any of it since. You have to remember that those rumor mills run far and wide. What I personally heard about the place I heard months after the fact, so anything out there was out there long before it got to my ears. I really don’t appreciate the insenuation that I made that post. Everything I write anywhere is under BASEMENT KAHUNA and BASEMENT KAHUNA ONLY. THIS is my first post ever on HumuKonTiki. I would suggest you check the origin adress and locality of posts before you begin pointing fingers at people. As for Hale Tiki, it’s sad. The whole affair was just plain sad. And that’s all you’ll get out of me on any public forum..


  7. I’d earlier stated that I wasn’t going to remove the post with rumors posted by “anonymous.” I’m not responsible for taking people’s feet out of their mouths for them, and I do think that people will see gossip posted by an anonymous person and discount it. But these are pretty vicious things to be throwing out there. I’ve removed the insubstantiated gossip from anonymous’ posts. Anonymous — don’t bother posting again unless you’re willing to do it under your own name.

    I believe BK 100% — he was not the one posting as anonymous, and it’s crappy to let it look like it could be him. It’s a sad situation, let’s not make it even sadder.


  8. I was just messin’ around with my re-ply about it being BK. If anyone took it the wrong way, Oh Well.
    ( where’s that edit button?!?) Like what that one guy used to say on TC, ” When tiki is no longer fun…..” Something like that.

    It is sad to see another tiki bar bite the dust. Especially one I/We all bled on/in. And, never had the chance to go back to drink at.

    BK rocks!

    Tiki Rocks!

    Humu & Hanford Rock for their Tiki Sites!!

    Back to being serious now..( lol!! no way man!:)


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