New Website for Conga Lounge

Conga Lounge website
Conga Lounge website

Oakland’s Conga Lounge has a new website… by me! In updating the Conga Lounge website, I aimed to give it the same feel that the bar does — tropical, warm and friendly. I also helped the Conga Lounge get set up on Flickr… if you have pictures of good times spent at the Conga Lounge, add them to Flickr with the tag “congalounge” to share them!

Website design and database programming are how I eat, and luckily I love to do it. I’m available to do websites of about any scale — database-driven websites like Critiki are my speciality, but I do smaller, static websites like this one, too. I also can create and host a blog for you. I’ve got 12+ years of database design and application design experience, and six years of Perl/CGI programming experience.

I have a handful of great projects on my plate at the moment, and I’m looking to line up more. Whether your needs are business- or leisure-oriented, I love doing great work for people. Check out my services & portfolio, and I’m always happy to help you figure out how to best achieve what you desire.

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