Tiki Pendants

Tiki God Collection, from the collection of the jab
Tiki God Collection, from the collection of the jab

One thing I love about la vida tiki is that the men have as much, if not more, jewelry than the girls do — it’s very gender neutral that way. Between us, Hanford & probably have a couple dozen tiki necklaces strewn about the house and in various boxes. These fab trinkets pepper my house in the same way that stray legos did when I was a kid. On our way out the door on a typical evening: Wallet? Check. Lipstick? Check. Tiki ’round the neck? Check.

In a thread on Tiki Central, lots of people have shared their collections of pendants, and you get an idea the great scope of variety out there: many different traditional designs from moai to Hawaiian carvings to Maori ones; fantastical modern designs; different materials like wood, bone, plastic and metal; modern designs and vintage designs. They’re really fun to have, and because of the small size and low cost, it’s the sort of collection that sneaks up on you.

The picture to the left comes courtesy of The Jab’s blog. It’s from the August 1963 issue of the (ahem) mens’s magazine, Escapade, and illustrates that tiki necklaces for men are a time-honored tradition.

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