Forbidden Island Update

This weekend, we got to pitch in and help on the build-out of Forbidden Island, the new tiki bar in Alameda. It’s still on track to open in April. Regular Critiki News readers are very familiar with the fantastic work of Bamboo Ben; he has been brought on board to do the interiors. Bamboo Ben’s mastery, combined with the fantastic vision of Martiki, is creating something unlike what you’ve seen before. The build-out has only just begun, but even with what’s already there it’s pretty dramatic. I’ve also had a chance to get to know the bartenders who’ll be crafting the fantastic concoctions (the drink menu is going to be huge), and we’ll be in very, very good hands. I can’t conjure up a word that properly conveys how we feel about this place already — we’re definitely going to be barnacles there. There’s sure to be a Grand Opening party (or two, or three), I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Better yet — go to their website, and sign up for the mailing list.

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