Mondays at San Francisco Trader Vic’s — Still Going Strong

Tikis in the bar at San Francisco Trader Vic's
Tikis in the bar at
San Francisco Trader Vic’s

Just about every week, someone says to me, “Are you still going to Trader Vic’s on Mondays? Because I’m going to be in town on a business trip…” Yep, we sure are. As a matter of fact, since we started going in mid-October, we’ve only missed one week. It’s a rotating cast of characters — a few of us make it every week, some make it every other week or once a month, and there are always new faces coming through. Often it’s folks in from out of town, sometimes people we’re meeting for the first time, and lots of old friends, too. Great drinks, great food, great company, great conversation… what’s not to like?

The San Francisco Trader Vic’s is on Golden Gate Ave, just east of Van Ness. Parking is easy to come by on the street. There’s typically someone there by 7 p.m. or so, and we get there by about 7:30 and often stay until close. Come on by, and I’ll lift a drink with you.

2 thoughts on “Mondays at San Francisco Trader Vic’s — Still Going Strong

  1. didnt Trader Vics used to be on corner of Taylor and Post? Seems I rem going there , it was across from the Bohemian Club… thanks


  2. Hi Ryan –

    I think you’re probably thinking of Tiki Bob’s, it was at the corner of Post & Taylor. As a matter of fact, you can still see the great Tiki Bob logo as a corner post for the building. The space has been a few things over the years, most recently a French bakery, and luckily Tiki Bob has survived each renovation.

    Tiki Bob’s, San Francisco [Critiki]

    There was another, older Trader Vic’s in San Francisco, it was at Cosmo Alley, until it closed a bit more than a decade go.

    Trader Vic’s, San Francisco (the old, closed one) [Critiki]

    As an update to this post — once Forbidden Island opened in Alameda, it became our new hangout, so we aren’t at Trader Vic’s as often. Wednesdays at Forbidden Island are our new regular night!


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