Tikified Workspaces

Rob Roy's tiki cubicle
Rob Roy’s tiki cubicle

In a thread on Tiki Central, folks are sharing pictures of how they’ve added a bit of tiki to their workspaces. The pictures of dreary gray cubicles with soul-stealing flourescent lighting still send a chill down my spine, but it’s neat to see how people wrap themselves up in the things they love, turning a corner of their corporate-issue pressboard into an altar to savagery. It reminds me of pictures of the first few sprigs of green life that made their way through the thick layer of gray volcanic ash after Mt. St. Helens erupted.

Most of the tikiness in the pictures is in the form of rows of tiki mugs, but there are also small carved tikis, glass floats, grass matting, and even the occasional bottle of rum. My own workspace actually isn’t tiki — I’m working on collecting plastic flowers from the ’60s (like the kind your grandmother had on her dining room table), and I’m gluing them all over the inside of my computer hutch.

Two of my friends have had really great at-work tiki setups. Mig Ponce once had a tiki cubicle at work that was rather over-the-top, and gave him a spot of fame at Shutterfly, where he worked. Easily, the most dramatic tiki workspace I’ve seen is that of Pixar animator Mark Walsh — it’s a free-standing tiki hut. Mig, Mark — do you guys have pictures?

3 thoughts on “Tikified Workspaces

  1. My 90 review just happened, so I am really an employee now. My office is horrible. Bad 80s particle board furniture and flourescent lighting. I am looking forward to reworking it soon. It is at least large, and, an office, not a cube.


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