Waitiki’s New New Drummer

Waitiki's new "Laughing Boy"
Waitiki’s new “Laughing Boy”

Not too long ago, Waitiki announced that longtime drummer Space Kadet was leaving the Waitiki fold, headed on to new adventures in Hawaii. The new drummer that Waitiki selected was Robert “Bobby Bongo” Schultz, but scheduling conflicts have sent Waitiki on the search again for a new drummer. Enter the mysterious “Laughing Boy,” pictured left. Who is this drumming wonder? I do not know, and the Waitiki website isn’t giving up its secrets. As a matter of fact, the Waitiki boys appear to be making a game of it, as Laughing Boy’s page on the site simply reads:

Do you know who this is? Take your best guess! Let us know at band@Waitiki.com.

He looks a lot like a kid I went to elementary school with named Shane, who lived in a haunted house. But I’m guessing that’s not him.

The boys have two major shows coming up: a special performance of their 21-piece Esquivel Orchestrotica in Mexico City on April 1, and a warm-up show in Boston on Friday, March 24. If you can make it to either of these shows, do not miss them!

UPDATE: Clever monkey ookoo lady figured out who the mysterious drummer is — it’s Mike Connors, who previously was the drummer for Combustible Edison. Great addition to the band, guys!

6 thoughts on “Waitiki’s New New Drummer

  1. Here’s a hint: he brings his nickname from one of his previous bands. To be honest, until the Nantucket Luau over the weekend, we were skeptical of using that nickname. However, after a few Rum Barrels and the show, we were convinced.


  2. Laughing Boy makes a great addition to the band primarily because he’ll always laugh at my homemade jokes. P.S: What do you call the reptile named after one of The Mayor’s favorite drinks? … A Grog-odile! KAKAKAKAKA!


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