Knitted Maori Tiki

Knitted Maori tiki, by Pikininiz
Knitted Maori tiki, by Pikininiz

This was knitted by a girl in New Zealand, and she based it on Maori tiki designs. I must admit that I wouldn’t have recognized it as such without the helpful comparison images. It’s cute, though. The webpage is in French, and here’s the same page translated through Google.

4 thoughts on “Knitted Maori Tiki

  1. the funny thing is the reply to the french girl…she says : are you sure it’s a tiki, it looks more like an octopuss to me ??


  2. Ooh, that illusion technique is cool. I’d love to see something like that in person. I never did get into knitting, but I have a big cross-stitch project that I’ve been doing off and on for more than a decade now.


  3. I dont understand why my comment do no apear… I post a comment on this tiki few month ago about the person who did this tiki.


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