Tiki Farm Moai Chimenea

Tiki Farm moai chimenea
Tiki Farm moai chimenea

Holden Westland, owner of Tiki Farm, posted on Tiki Central about a new product currently in production, a chimenea shaped like a moai. A chimenea is a freestanding outdoor fireplace, often made of clay, and Mexican in origin. The recessed area on the moai’s belly will be opening, where logs are placed. Holden hasn’t yet given information on when he expects these to be available, or how much they’ll cost, but he said he’d add information as he could to the thread on Tiki Central.

3 thoughts on “Tiki Farm Moai Chimenea

  1. Dear Humuhumu,
    I am in a surf band called the ‘Von Hodads’ we also have an alter ego scarry surf band called ‘Thee Lost Tiki Idols” We are glad to have found others who share our love for Tiki’s across the world. We live in Kansas City where there once was a club calle Kon Tiki it was amazing But it was torn down in the 1980’s
    So far there is nothing else here that is very Tiki…except us. We are working on a My Space web site. So soon you may be able to hear us there. Write to us at the above address or at Von hodads at hotmail.com
    Yours in tikidom. Don’t upset the gods.
    Teen Velour


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