Tiki Photos on Flickr

Photo by Annene von Durchgerockt
Photo by Annene von Durchgerockt

I subscribe to the Flickr feed of photos with the tag “tiki” (Flickr is a popular photo service that lets you assign tags to your photos, and then lets you see all photos with that tag). About half of the photos are of people’s pets (why are there so many cats and dogs named Tiki?). The remaining images are a fun assortment of pictures of people’s collections, home tiki bars, road trips and nights out on the town — colorful stuff.

Today, the above photo showed up. It’s a fantastic, striking image, and I love it. I loved it even more when I realized, after giving it a moment of scrutiny, that the man at the left is my old Tiki-Ti drinking buddy, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry. The photo comes from the Flickr collection of his wife, Annene. Small world.

2 thoughts on “Tiki Photos on Flickr

  1. I didn’t recognize him without his glasses! He was at Tiki Ti last Wednesday, but I didn’t have time to do more than just say hi.

    Also, that hairless cat named “Tiki” who shows up in the Flickr stream is just about the creepiest animal I’ve ever seen!


  2. I like to search flickr for tiki as well. Had no idea that tiki was such a popular name for cats, or maybe it is lot of photos of the same cat.

    BTW, I love your blog redesign. That coconut is adorable.


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