Tonga Bar in Norway

Tonga Bar in Norway, photo by Kilikopela
Tonga Bar in Norway, photo by Kilikopela

While on a business trip to a small town in Norway recently, Kilikopela came across a surprising find — a newer tiki bar, complete with tapa-covered walls, bamboo beams, and plenty of tikis. The town, Tonsberg, is about an hour and a half south of Oslo, and is largely a tourist destination during the summer months. Kilikopela was there during the winter off-season, and the bar wasn’t open during his time in town. Eventually, he was able to get inside to take a few pictures, which he posted on Tiki Central. The bar looks great, I’d love to hear from someone who’s been able to enjoy a beverage or two there.

Incidentally, Kilikopela’s wife, Brittanie, gives better blog than anyone I know.

3 thoughts on “Tonga Bar in Norway

  1. Kilikopela just found out he’s going back to Norway for another two week-long business trip. He’ll have a free weekend in Oslo, and his only goal is to find the Thor Heyerdahl museum.

    I’m trying somehow to stowaway with him.


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