The weekend’s been a strange one. As you’ve probably seen, yesterday morning someone shot and killed six people at a party in Seattle, where I was born and lived for nearly 30 years. The shooting took place at the house of a friend of mine; thankfully he’s in the list of survivors. At least one of the people who died was a man who was a close friend of several of my friends. I only met him once, but from what I’ve read about him, it sounds like he was a truly great guy. Interesting, warm and welcoming. Those people are my favorites, and the world needs more of them. Lots more of them. All it takes is one random nutjob to make you want to circle the wagons a little closer, wall off the new people and the outsiders. I’ve had it with nutjobs. 99% of the people out there are great, and worth opening your arms to. I thank my lucky stars that the nutjobs I’ve had to deal with are more the type to shoot themselves in the foot. I’ve cried a bit today for my friends; luckily they have a great network up there, and will not be lacking for emotional support.

Sorry to go all personal — this is the first time I’ve made a non-tiki post on Critiki News, and I definitely won’t be making a habit of it.

2 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. It’s never easy to deal with this kind of senseless violence. My cousin and her husband were gunned down in Colorado several years ago, so you have my complete sympathy.


  2. I’m so sorry, MrBaliHai. The whole thing is just crushing. I actually discovered that I *had* hung out with my friend’s roommate once — he was part of a group I went out clowning with. I really didn’t know him, though. It sounds like my friends are spending a lot of time together right now, there’s a lot of holding each other. It’s just so sad.


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