Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s to Be Demolished

Vintage postcard from Trader Vic's Beverly Hills, from the collection of Mimi Payne
Vintage postcard from Trader Vic’s Beverly Hills,
from the collection of Mimi Payne

I first reported on the rumored demise of the Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s two months ago, and today comes some more solid evidence. The Los Angeles Business Journal reports that plans have been developed to demolish the restaurant, along with some surrounding structures, to put up two new 13-story towers. The towers would hold a mix of condominiums and hotel rooms, and would dramatically change the appearance of the Santa Monica & Wilshire Blvd intersection where the Trader Vic’s logo currently dominates. The Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s is the oldest location, having opened in 1955. The Beverly Hilton hotel was purchased two years ago by Beny Alagem, co-founder of Packard Bell, from Merv Griffin, who had owned the property for many years.

A timeframe for the project is not included in the report, but the plan is up for review at next Tuesday’s city council meeting.

5 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s to Be Demolished

  1. The bartender there has been there almost since it opened… can you imagine his resume? Mixing MaiTai’s for 40+ years! – you have great websites, Max


  2. Sad to hear! My daughter and I tagged along on my wife’s business trip to L.A. last June. While my wife worked one day, my daughter and I went to see Madagascar at the Cinerama. I had already planned to take her after the movie for a “snack” without realizing the movie had a tiki bar scene (highly recommened movie for all – with or without kids). Anyway, we went about 4 pm – it was pretty quiet – and had a sushi platter and a Mai Tai for me and a Shirley Temple for her – she’s 7. She thought it was pretty cool. Kept the swizzle stick of course!!


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