Hale Tiki Liquidation Sale

Hale Tiki in Augusta is liquidating
Hale Tiki in Augusta is liquidating

As I reported last month, Hale Tiki, a newer tiki bar in Augusta, Georgia, recently closed. Owner Brad Owens has posted information about a liquidation sale on Tiki Central. A hoped-for sale of the bar as an operating business fell through, and now all the pieces of Hale Tiki are up for sale, including floats, lamps, tikis, masks, barware, bamboo, thatch and even the tapa on the walls. He also has a cache of vintage Otagiri coconut mugs:

I even have about five dozen ORIGINAL coconut mugs from OMC. I found them in a warehouse in New Orleans after the hurricane. The guy sold them to me and told me that he owned a place called the Bamboo Villa in the French Quarter in the 60s. They are in the original boxes packed six to a box!

Brad has not yet determined how to best sell the items; right now the best way to get in on the sale is to call Brad at (706) 722-3843, or email him at brad.owens@lycos.com. He may put some items up for sale online, but he hasn’t decided yet. Hale Tiki was unusual among newer bars in the density and richness of its tiki decor — there are sure to be some very fine pieces available.

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