Rare Trader Vic’s and Disneyland Items on eBay

There are a couple of rare items up on eBay at the moment that may be of interest to tikiphiles:

Trader Vic's display case
Trader Vic’s display case

This item is available only for pickup, which is great if you live in the San Francisco area (the item is in Oakland), not so great if you’re across the country. It’s an outdoor display case, probably used for displaying menus at a Trader Vic’s. It has the modern lettering on it, so it’s probably not too old. According to the story it came with, a janitor for Trader Vic’s took it when the location where it was used closed. If the janitor worked for a restaurant here in the Bay Area, that would mean it was the San Francisco location; however the Trader Vic’s warehouse is in the East Bay, so if the janitor worked for Trader Vic’s headquarters, it could have come in from any of the locations that have closed over the past ten years or so. It’s certainly an unusual Trader Vic’s collectible!

Vintage Enchanted Tiki Room Host Shirt
Vintage Enchanted Tiki Room Host Shirt

The other item is this very rare original, vintage Enchanted Tiki Room Host Shirt, in green. This is the shirt that will be available in reproduction form next week from Disney, but there’s nothing like owning the original. The fabric pattern on the original shirt is a little bit smaller, and a little bit brighter. I prefer this green version to the purple version, which I’ve seen more often.

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