King Kukulele’s TV Spot for Satellite Radio

Commercial featuring King Kukulele
Commercial featuring King Kukulele

It’s always fun to see a friend get a mention on Boing Boing, and this morning there was a great big mention of a very dear friend, ukulele goofball and all-around-primo emcee King Kukulele. Mark Frauenfelder highlighted this commercial featuring King Kukulele, which pitches satellite radio. It’s a favorite of mine, I’ve seen it several times and I don’t get tired of it (which as Mark points out, makes the whole concept of the commercial not really hold water). As fun as it is to see King on Boing Boing, I should have seen this at the same place Mark found it, Ukulelia, a very excellent blog for and by ukulele lovers. But then, I really should have remembered seeing this at the same place Ukulelia spotted it, which is King Kukulele’s own website. I was introduced to this great little commercial when it was played at one of King Kukulele’s very fun Tiki Taix events, which happen on the last Friday of every month at Taix French Restaurant (1911 Sunset Blvd.) in Los Angeles. Regardless of where or when I should have brought it to you, my dear readers, here it is, in all its dancin’, prancin’, ukulele strummin’ glory. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “King Kukulele’s TV Spot for Satellite Radio

  1. Great commercial! I have to agree with the Boing Boing entry, though. I would rather have the real King Kukelele entertaining me than satelite radio any day! It’s great to see the King in action again!


  2. does anyone know where/when this commercial hit the airwaves? is it only on cable channels? thanks for the link, i cannot stop watching it! i especially love the close up during the hawaiian war chant. classic king kuku faces!


  3. I’ve never been totally clear on this, but I think that the commercial wasn’t actually created for a company, but rather was created for the portfolio of the director, and so never was actually intended to air. But I could be completely wrong on that.


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