Harry S. Truman’s Tropical Side

Harry S. Truman (seated) and Harry Vaughan, photo from the Truman Library
Harry S. Truman (seated) and Harry
Vaughan, photo from the Truman Library

U.S. President Harry S. Truman’s favored vacation spot was Key West; he first visited on doctor’s orders in November of 1946, and made many return trips. As anyone who has been to Key West can attest, your typical Washington, D.C. casual attire simply will not do in the hot, humid environment, and it wasn’t long before President Truman started looking like a local. His “wild” and “dizzy” shirts did not go unnoticed by the public, and he helped push the popularity of casual sports shirts with outlandish colors and designs. The National Park Service website’s pages for the Harry S. Truman National Historic Site include a featured exhibit on President Truman’s “Key West Uniform”, including several aloha shirts, with maker and size details for each, and accompanied by photos of Truman wearing the shirts. Tip of the Stetson to Cynical-C for the link.

3 thoughts on “Harry S. Truman’s Tropical Side

  1. I wanted to share with you a strange thing about the Harry S. Truman picture. In the picture it shows Harry S. Truman who is a relitive of mine. Next to him stands a man named Harry Vaughan, well Harry Vaughan lookes just like my Uncle who is also related to harry. And he was the man seen every week on a television show about detectives in Florida. The name of the television show was “Surf Side Six” my uncle drove the Jet boat that screams by the screen in the opening credits. So you can see that seeing this picture was quite a suprize to me. I showed it to my Uncle and he thought I put his head on someones body. Thanks for the picture

    Jerry Young


  2. My vacation spot is key west it runs in the family, My great great grandfather introduced Key West to Harry S. Truman. harry S. truman also came to my grandparents Wedding.


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