Tiki Battleship Widget

Tiki Battleship, from Lifewaves Ace
Tiki Battleship, from Lifewaves Ace

Lifewaves Ace has a free Mac widget for Tiki Battleship. It looks like the only tiki thing about it is a tiki head graphic at the top, and the only connections I can draw are a bit strained (battles in the South Pacific? ancient Polynesian warfare brought into the future?) but what they hey. I don’t run Macintosh myself, so I can’t vouch for its playworthiness, and I suppose all the typical warnings about downloading stuff from the ‘net apply. But if you’re a Mac user with an urge to play a game from your youth, and want to look at a tiki while you do it, then you’re in luck. Lifewaves Ace also has widgets for both Mac and PC that let you see pictures from beach-located webcams around the world.

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