Popcorn Vigilante Hits Tonga Hut, Confesses on Critiki News

“Don” left a comment yesterday on an earlier post I had made about the Tonga Hut coming under new management. Don has quite a tale to tell:

Dear new owner of the Tunga Hut,
I thought you might enjoy my story.

Bruce an I are a couple 60 year old Jazz musicians who have known one another for over 30 years.
Saturday Bruce calld me on the phone to ask if I wanted to go and have a taste at the Tonga Hut. The Tonga hut is a neighberhood bar that has been at the same location for fifty years. Bruce especially likes going there because they have an old popcorn machine that pops the best popcorn, and boy does Bruce like his popcorn. We get over to the bar and orderd our usual refreshments and ask about the snacks. Tylor, the bar maid informs us that the popcorn maker hasn’t worked for six months.”Ah Shit” says Bruce. I asked Taylor if it would be alright if I took the popper home to fixed it and returned the unit in a few days at no charge. She told us that some guy already tried to fix it and couldn’t.Taylor and the other girl assured me that would be a big NO. After fininshing our third round we got up and walked down the narrow hallway out the back to the parking lot for a smoke. While commenting on Taylor’s unpainted reck that was parked by us, I said “hey Bruce lets steal the popcorn maching”. “Good idea” Bruce replied. After spending a munute talking over our plan on how we were going to do it I backed up my station wagon toards the back door,then we returned back to our empty bar stools. Bruce got up and walked to the corner of the bar complaining about his drink, while Taylor reminded Bruce that he wasn’t supposed to be standing in the bartender’s area. I turned around where the popcorn machine was located and made my way down the hall to the car carrying this forty pound baby. Cackling like a couple of teenagers Bruce and I headed to my place with our stolen property.
The next day I got up thinking-maybe I bit off more than I could chew,not to mention that the cops may be paying me a visit. It wouldn’t be to hard for Taylor and her assistant to put two and two together. Since it was Sunday I decited to lock it in the trunk of my ‘48 plymouth in case someone would be looking for the merchandise.
Monday, thinking the coast was clear I decited to tackle the repair job on the greasey box. It didn’t take me long to fugure out the problem with the heating element although cleaning the grease off was the real job. After spending four or five hours on that antique I had it working like new. I placed the popper in a cardboard box and now it was time to make an invoice in photoshop. Cornel Corn I decited would be the name of the company that repaired the
the machine with the Cornel’s slogan” IF IT WON’T POP DON’T BLOW YOUR TOP CAUSE WER’RE HOT ON YOUR POT”. Along with the Cornel’s slogan and address would be a list of repairs done to the unit with $.00 balance due.Tuesday I called Michael, who supplies cars for the movie business and ask him if he would deliver the popcorn machine to the Tonga Hut on Wednsday morning. “Sure, be glad to!”. Michael with the popper on a dolly dlivers it at 9:00 am supprising all the early boozers siting at the bar.”What’s in the box?” they all ask. Michael tells everone that
he doesn’t know the contents and that he is only a delivery man working for Dexter Gordon delivery services and the box will have to be signed for. Taking out his paper work that I put together, the bartender is more than happy to oblige. Saturday night
Bruce and I nervicely drive over to the Tonga
Hut to see if the popcorn machine is up and running or will we have some explaining to do. Entering throught the back door down the hall we can’t believe our eyes. There it was, just like Christmas with the new bulb that Cernal Corn supplied. Everyone enjoying fresh popcorn in there little popcorn baskets. We sat up at the bar and Taylor took our order like allways. Bruce and I were a little shocked to think that we could be in the clear. Fifteen munutes had passed when Taylor said to me “look behind you Don” I looked and said to her “you got a new popcorn machine” “no” Taylor explaines “someone took it – fixed it and had it dilivered back here. Bruce and I looking supprised asked “when was it taken?” Taylor says “we didn’t know it was gone”.

ps. if it ok with you I wouldn’t want Taylor to know my little secret.

I alerted Tonga Hut owners Ana and Jeremy to the story, and Ana reported back that this is apparently “100% true.” Thanks, Don, for both your popcorn-driven persistence, and for a great story — should we ever cross paths at the Tonga Hut, I’ll happily buy you a drink to wash down your salty, corny snack.

3 thoughts on “Popcorn Vigilante Hits Tonga Hut, Confesses on Critiki News

  1. That’s a great story. Do you think “Don” would be willing to fix the bartender who made me that…[ahem]…memorable Mai Tai I had at the Hut a few weeks ago?…;-)


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