Save Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s

The Los Angeles Conservancy’s Modern Committee is organizing to work to halt the demise of the historic Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s. As Adrienne Biondo, chairwoman of ModCom, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times, “I’ve gotten calls nationwide. It’s not an issue that’s going to go away.”

Oasis West Realty (the group behind the plan to demolish Trader Vic’s) spokeswoman Marie Garvey told the Los Angeles Times “We understand that a lot of people are fond of Trader Vic’s, but very few people frequent the restaurant. It’s just not a viable business, and hasn’t been for many years.” This runs directly contrary to the current trend, which has seen not only new tiki bars spring up around the world, but specifically new Trader Vic’s locations, which can only dream of having the history, charm and decor of the Beverly Hills location. Trader Vic’s has played a prominent role in Hollywood nightlife from the time it opened in 1955 to today (it is still the site of huge afterparties every year after the Golden Globe awards); it is hardly a dying restaurant. I’ve personally been in that Trader Vic’s plenty of times and have seen it quite packed. It sounds to me more like wishful thinking, hoping that no one cares enough about this restaurant that happens to be situated right where they want to put their new towers.

The Los Angeles Conservancy and their Modern Committe (a.k.a. ModCom) need your help. They have already held one emergency meeting to get the ball rolling, and they now need volunteers. The groups behind the plans to demolish Trader Vic’s need to hear the word that it will not go unnoticed. To get involved, email

3 thoughts on “Save Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s

  1. Last time I went to TV’s in BH (2 years ago?) it was PACKED and we had to wait forever to even gt in (with a reservation). I’m suspect of the claim that it’s not doing well. Glad to see that there is some attention to the issue, this one isn’t going to get pulled down in the middle of the night like Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace. F’in LA!


  2. I personally hate to see Trader Vic’s go. It’s part of the Yee’s history. My dad,
    retired Executive Chef “Elmo” has dedicated over forty years of his life there.
    He has met and made alot of friends there and alot of them have become part
    of our family. And I know he misses being at Trader Vic’s. I spoke to my dad the other day about Trader Vic’s because it’s future has been in the media. He’s
    hoping the proposal doesn’t go through because he feels that it’s a bad location for condo’s because of the traffic. But most of all, it’s part of Hollywood and
    Beverly Hills history and ours.


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