I Dream of Jeannie’s Hawaiian Episodes

I Dream of Jeannie goes Hawaiian
I Dream of Jeannie goes Hawaiian

On December 26, 1967 and January 2, 1968, I Dream of Jeannie went to Hawaii. In the first episode, “Jeannie Goes to Honolulu,” Don Ho guest stars, and filming took place on Waikiki Beach and at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Duke Kahanamoku’s. The second episode, “Battle of Waikiki,” has a great tiki scene at Ulu Mau Village, and a luau. Sabu the Coconut Boy has put a series of fantastic screenshots up in a thread on Tiki Central, highlighting lots of great aloha wear, leis, tikis, tropical cocktails served in tiki mugs, and scenes of late-’60s Hawaii. He has also posted links to download both of the entire episodes.

10 thoughts on “I Dream of Jeannie’s Hawaiian Episodes

  1. What’s the name of that song Don Ho sang while Jeannie was day dreaming? “In my dreams” or something like that. Thanks much.


  2. I just saw that episode and it was really fun seeing all the late 60’s beach fashions. Didn’t know Don Ho had a song titled “Ain’t No Big thing”. Really was surprised to see an actual music video in the middle of the episode of Don Ho singing “The Days of My Youth”. Cool video and really liked the meaningful song. A very out of the ordinary episode. Want to see it again.


  3. Could the song and accompanying video of Don Ho singing “The Days of My Youth” be considered the first music video?


    1. The Beatles did stuff before this. I will say that this is the best version of Kui Lee’s haunting and emotional “Days of My Youth” ever recorded. Ho, who did not always do his best on stage, is at the top of his game. They also do an outstanding job of “Ain’t No Big Thing” as well. This is Don Ho and The Aliis.


  4. During the scenes of the song during my youth.
    While hes playing with that kid.
    The views looking down on honolulu reminded me of the views there at Tripler military hospital.
    Anyone know if thats whete it was filmed?


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