Hula Girl Oil Painting from Archie McPhee

Moonlight Paradise by Ramirez, from Archie McPhee
Moonlight Paradise by Ramirez,
from Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee, the Seattle-based delightful crap purveyor (they are the retail outlet for Accoutrements), is offering this painting on their website for only $99, frame included. It’s 25″ x 19″, and is signed and numbered by the artist, Ramirez. The photo on the website isn’t large enough to get an idea of the quality, but it’s likely to hold true to the long-standing tradition (of both Archie McPhee and vintage behind-the-tiki-bar art) of being totally awful.

4 thoughts on “Hula Girl Oil Painting from Archie McPhee

  1. I actually got this as a gift a few years ago. I have it up in my tiki lounge now but am thinking it will be rotated to the closet. The frame is rather horrible. I have thought about getting a new frame for it. The actually painting isn’t too great either when you look at it close up. But I do like the moonlit sky and the volcano so if I can find a more tiki and cheap frame it might get a reprieve. I kinda feel bad my friend spent $90 on it.


  2. Alohatiki, don’t feel bad — the combo of dim lighting, a big ol’ bar in front of it, and the serving of alcohol almost guarantees that no one will ever notice how bad it is. When you think about it, it would be a waste to have something really fine in a spot like that. Revel in its crumminess. Except for maybe the frame. Maybe if you gunk the frame up with some sort of resin or heavy polyurethane to mimic 40 years of exposure to heavy smokers?

    Speaking of… Miles, I know it’s rough when Tiki-Ti’s in the off-season, but I don’t think you’ll be happy in the long run with mushrooms as a replacement for your Chi-Chis. I miss you, buddy.


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