Tiki Mug Made of Legos

Tiki mug made of Legos
Tiki mug made of Legos

Ah, Legos… is there anyone who doesn’t love them? When I was about thirteen, I used to spend all of the money I earned babysitting on Lego sets, and I daydreamed often of one day having a house of my own with a whole room dedicated to Legos. I’m having fun daydreaming about it right now, as a matter of fact.

The unusual item pictured here is a tiki mug, made entirely out of Legos. It’s hollow, and while it surely isn’t water-tight (or food-grade, for that matter), it is suitable for use as a pencil cup, and it comes with a lid so it can be used as a sort of box. It is 10″ tall, the eyes are made of translucent red Legos, and the body is made from a now-discontinued brown color. Two of them are for sale at an eBay Store, for $74.99. They were made by a former Legoland California Master Model Builder, who is now a “freelance Lego artist.” I bet he has a room just for Legos at his house. Found via Unlikely Moose.

One thought on “Tiki Mug Made of Legos

  1. OMG!!!!
    Legos and Tikis?!?!?! Two great tastes that taste great together!!!
    My beloved and I have a passion for both and the Lego tiki mug is pure genius.

    Now I think I am going to try my hand at creating a Lite-Brite Tiki Bar sign.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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