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The Law of the Island, by Chris and Emilia Osburn
The Law of the Island,
by Chris and Emilia Osburn

Chris and Emilia Osburn recently undertook one of the most epic travel adventures our planet has to offer: a trip to the world’s most remote spot, Rapa Nui, a.k.a. Easter Island. Rapa Nui is situated right smack dab in the middle of the South Pacific, far to the east of the Polynesian islands, and far to the west of South America. It falls under Chilean rule, and to get there one takes a five-hour flight from Santiago. They’ve turned their trip into a self-published 22-page travelogue titled “The Law of the Island,” (available for $8 with free shipping) detailing their trip with stories and photos. They’ve also started a blog about the fascinating, unique and complex issues facing modern-day Rapa Nui; it’s just getting started, and the first few entries are about proposed development of a casino on Rapa Nui, and the return of an original moai stone statue that had been removed in 1927.

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