WIPP: Item 8 Revealed

Item 8 in the What In Polynesian Pop game has been correctly guessed by sneAKYTIKI — that makes four items total that have been guessed, and five to go. The answer to Item 8 is:

Trader Vic's Christmas Menehune
Trader Vic’s Christmas Menehune
Item 8
Item 8

Item 8 was correctly guessed by sneAKYTIKI to be a Trader Vic’s Christmas Menehune. Cleen nearly got it right off the bat with a guess of Trader Vic’s menehune. These little rubber dolls are mounted on long wooden sticks, and come as a souvenir when you order the Menehune Juice drink at Trader Vic’s. The standard male Menehune doll (there is also a chesty female version) has shiny black hair, a white loincloth, and wears a pink lei. During Christmastime, they switch over to the version above, with white hair, a green loincloth, and a red lei. I have also seen Christmas menehunes with red and green hair. How very merry! I picked mine up at Trader Vic’s San Francisco last New Year’s Eve.

There are still five more items to be guessed — keep the guesses coming!

5 thoughts on “WIPP: Item 8 Revealed

  1. Thanks for the fun! I had forgotten about what in the “WORLD”. My Gramma used to get the magazine for me. I liked the pictures and the rip out cards but the reading was over in 2 minutes, kind of a bummer, they were written for a very young audience but I don’t think granny realized that. I accidentally hit caps lock when picking my name so I’ll have to figure out how to fix it.

    Cheers Sneakytiki


  2. I am looking to buy these, do you sale them? If no where may I be able to buy these Trader Vic’s Christmas Menehune?


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