Tiki Art Now III Coming to Seattle

Otto von Stroheim’s showcase of tiki in modern art will have its third incarnation in Seattle this fall. The two previous shows, 2004’s Tiki Art Now and 2005’s Tiki Art Two, took place in San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery. This year, the show is headed north to Kirsten Anderson’s celebrated Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. I went to Roq la Rue frequently when I lived in Seattle; Belltown’s Lava Lounge and ‘Ohana are within stumbling distance, in case you want to make a tiki crawl during the evening. The Roq la Rue website has the opening date as September 8, 2006, while Crazy Al’s website has it opening on September 15 — I’ll update this post with the actual date once I find it out.

UPDATE — Thanks, Kirsten! The shindig’s happening on September 15.

2 thoughts on “Tiki Art Now III Coming to Seattle

  1. Hi HumuHumu-
    The party is September 15th! Not only will we have an amazing show (I’ve seen a preview and I was blown away) but lots of special tiki merch, and a mini show of black velvet paintings by Burke Tyree! More info as I get it…-Kirsten


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