WIPP: Item 1 Revealed

Another success in the What In Polynesian Pop guessing game — makemake hit on what exactly Item 1 is. That brings the total of guessed items to five, with four more waiting to be discovered. The answer to Item 1 is revealed today:

USB Tiki Drive
USB Tiki Drive
Item 1
Item 1

makemake correctly guessed that Item 1 is a USB Tiki Drive. These charming little buggers were sold in several different capacities by TikiMac, who no longer makes them. I got mine at the 2005 Northwest Tiki Crawl, it was a raffle prize. Tangaroa was close when he guessed it was the “USB tiki with the flashing eyes,” but that’s a whole ‘nother animal.

More than half the items have been guessed now, but there are still four more that need figuring out — keep the guesses coming!

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