Tiki Pinup Dishwashing Gloves

Volcano Goddess, by Nicole Steen
Volcano Goddess, by Nicole Steen

Xeni at Boing Boing linked to these swell tarted-up dishwashing gloves, by Nicole Steen. There are a few tikified gloves, the ones pictured here are “Volcano Goddess,” others include “Blue Hawaii,” “Tiki Nights” and “Ukulele Lady.” These are all sold out, but Steen will create a custom pair for you for $75. These gloves aren’t suitable for use, and are meant only to be framed and hung — these are for the girl with the ultimate lovely hula hands, who has someone else to do the dishes for her.

3 thoughts on “Tiki Pinup Dishwashing Gloves

  1. Hi Michelle,

    “Tiki Pinup Diswashing Gloves” — and no moment to mention YoYo Island?

    Do you hate us, or what? Just because I didn’t we didn’t agree to “delete 90% of [my] site’s text”…?

    Didn’t the reply I sent resonate in any way? Guess not. But I had a different opinion following our previous brief email exchanges…

    Whatever. Shaka, brah, er, sis. We’re adding anudda link to you anyway, hukiku wahini, so all your online coolness will be accessable for those deluded surfers who foolishly visit our island anyway.


    John C.


  2. Whoa. Where’d you get the idea that I don’t like you guys, or your site? There were a lot of things I liked about your site, and I told you so. I took the time to write you a big ol’ email to give you my feedback. If I didn’t think much of you guys, I wouldn’t have bothered to try to help you out. I never said I couldn’t find a moment to post about your website. Some stuff makes it, and some stuff doesn’t. You don’t have to get angry about it. It’s not that big a deal.


  3. Yikes, we’re not angry at all, and in case we’ve made it unclear in our previous emails, we dig you. If we were angry, would we have triple links to you posted at YoYo Island’s Links Lagoon? Would we say your sites are cool? Thought you were miffed at us, ’cause we just wanna do our site our way. ‘Couldn’t resist the inquiry, since we think YoYo Island shows as much creative spunk as, say “Tiki Pinup Diswashing Gloves”. Post us or don’t, sooner, later, never, hey, it’s your call, an’ no big deal, sure.

    Humuhumu Kon Tiki is no’ka’oi with us, an’ we just wanted to make contact.

    Aloha, Lima Wela!



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