Progress on the Tiki Central ‘Ohana Hut

Tiki Central 'Ohana Hut prototype
Tiki Central ‘Ohana Hut prototype

At the special Tiki Central preview night at Forbidden Island, Stuckie from Munktiki brought along his first prototype of Chongolio’s ‘Ohana Hut, which won the official Tiki Central Mug Design Contest a short while back. The design has been a tall challenge for Stuckie, but he’s more than proven himself up to it: the prototype is gorgeous and detailed, right down to the wooden slats on the bottom of the hut. Stuckie wants to make a few more small adjustments to the design — a slightly different clay, a few more details in the mold, and a slight change to the glaze — but it’s already fantastic. Stuckie shared a Mystery Bowl with us that was served in it; the placement of the straw holes creates an optimal StMJ (Straw-to-Mouth Trajectory). There was lots of drooling over this new mug — congrats again to Chongolio for his splendid design! Production, pricing and purchasing details will likely be announced in the coming weeks on Tiki Central.

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