1963 Gourmet Recipes of Hawaii

Hollywood Health Foods booklet
Hollywood Health Foods booklet

I’ve scanned in an entire booklet from October 1963, titled “Gourmet Recipes of Hawaii.” It was put out by Hollywood Health Foods, to promote their line of safflower oil products. It includes 55 “exotic” recipes, like Cheese ‘N Pineapple Pupus, which are chunks of pineapple, dipped in “luau mayonnaise” (which is safflower oil-mayonnaise, mixed with pineapple juice and marachino cherry syrup), then rolled in cheddar cheese and shredded coconut. Delicious! Exotic! Best of all, the pamphlet has a bunch of full-color photos of food spreads, complete with prominent placement of bottles of oil and boxes of margarine. Aside from the recipes, it also includes the “Story of Hawaiian Foods & Polyunsaturates,” “How to Give a Luau,” “Background of Hawaiian Fresh Fruits,” and “Gourmet Tour to Hawaii.” From “Background of Hawaiian Fresh Fruits”:

With this new enthusiasm for fresh Hawaiian fruits, Island growers and shippers are working around the clock to open new volcanic jungle lands to production. New packing and shipping facilities are appearing and with expansion of jet transportation to additional islands, the mainland housewife can look forward to a most rewarding and flavorful future in the Hawaiian fresh fruit industry — as exotic as the Polynesians themselves.

I’ve posted every page in a thread in Tiki Central, and also in a photo gallery on Humuhumu’s Life in Photos. I posted it as my contribution to this week’s Savage Renewal project on Tiki Central.

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