The Demise of Sam’s Seafood

Tiki waterfall at Sam's Seafood, photo by tikijackelope
Tiki waterfall at Sam’s Seafood, photo by tikijackelope

Word came, rather suddenly, a few weeks ago that Sam’s Seafood would be closing imminently. The owners have sold the land to developers, who aim to build retail space and condominiums on the site. It appears that government red tape will keep any building from happening on the site for perhaps years, making it possible that the restaurant could re-open under new management, but it’s a mystery what the near future will hold for Sam’s Seafood. As it stands now, the restaurant is closed.

A special goodbye celebration was organized for last Saturday, May 27, with performances by King Kukulele, the Martini Kings and the Glasgow Tiki Shakers.

Sam’s Seafood will be greatly missed by Southern Californians. It had certainly seen better days, but it’s bar and Hidden Village room had many beautiful original details, and until recently a Polynesian floor show was performed weekly during the summer season. Many locals have celebrated special occasions there and have many wonderful memories.

Also, the Royal Hawaiian’s closure is now imminent, and reports are that the restaurant has been gutted of its Polynesian decor, and will be extensively remodelled. It’s definitely been a sad week for Southern California tiki.

2 thoughts on “The Demise of Sam’s Seafood

  1. When is the Hawaiian party being held in Lake Havasu City, Arizona this year?? I hear it is one of the largest in the United States and I am looking forward to the events, music and fun. If you know can you please forward to me. Thank you!


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