Hawaiian Eye Soundtrack on CD

Hawaiian Eye soundtrack
Hawaiian Eye soundtrack

The soundtrack from Hawaiian Eye, which was released as an LP in the ’60s, was recently released on CD. The television show aired from 1959-1963, and starred Anthony Eisley, Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens and Poncie Ponce — Connie typically had a song she performed at some point in the middle of each episode. It was a detective show set in Honolulu (the Honolulu Village Hotel, to be exact); in black & white, it predated Hawaii 5-0 by a few years. If you ever have a chance to catch an episode, don’t miss it. Here’s the track listing from the CD:

1. Hawaiian Eye
2. Deep Night
3. Let’s Do It (From The Musical Comedy “Paris”) (Vocal By Connie Stevens)
4. Steele On The Prowl
5. Soft Green Seas
6. Rumba Rhapsody
7. Cabbie Kim
8. What Is This Thing Called Love? (From The Musical Comedy “Wake Up And Dream”)
9. You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me (Vocal By Robert Conrad)
10. Cricket’s Corner
11. When My Dream Boat Comes Home (Vocal By Poncie Ponce)
12. Lopaka’s Beat
13. Hawaiian Eye


2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Eye Soundtrack on CD

  1. This is an essential Exotica album!!! I am so glad to see a legitimate release of this much sought after soundtrack. The sound quality is excellent! Warren Barker did the incredible music on this must have item!!! Now if we can only get these shows on DVD!!

    Cheers and Mahalo,


  2. hello,
    Hawaiian Eye is a classic T.V.series the show can never be reproduced in this present age of television.Firstly, the characters would not be the same.All the original T.V. series of years gone bye bring back some fine memories.


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