Lots o’ Hukilau News

Postcard from the Yankee Clipper
Postcard from the Yankee Clipper

A bunch of important announcements about this year’s Hukilau:

Sunday Schedule Announced
Here are the activities for Sunday, Oct. 8, to take place at the Yankee Clipper’s Ballroom A from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.:

  • Sven Kirsten – Book of Tiki
  • Jeff Beachbum Berry – Grog Log/Intoxica/Taboo Table
  • Otto Von Stroheim – Tiki Art Now 1 & 2 and soon to com 3!/Tiki News
  • Charles Phoenix – Americana the Beautiful/Southern Californialand/ God Bless Americana/Southern California in the ’50s
  • Also meet Tiki artists Crazy Al, Basement Kahuna, Derek Yaniger, Pooch and Hukilau performers such as I Belli Di Waikiki as you have a chance to purchase CDs and merchandise
  • Storytime with Aunt Bungy! Bungy plans to have her new book Top of the Mast available, as well as reprints of the old Eli Hedley catalog.
  • Video from previous years’ Hukilau events, and a last chance to look at the Mai Kai photo exhibit

Also, due to the incredibly quick sell out of the Beachbum Berry Mixology seminar, a second, identical seminar has been added for Sunday, at 2 p.m. at the Yankee Clipper. Like the first seminar, seating is very limited, and tickets must be purchased separately.

Last Chance for Tickets at Discount Pricing
The scheduled ticket price increase that was set for August 1 has been pushed back — you now have until the end of the day this Thursday, August 3 to get tickets at the current discount pricing — the full pricing rolls out this Friday.

Mai Kai Nearing Sell-Out
There are only a few seats still available for the first seating of the dinner show at the Mai Kai, and the second seating is half-gone… remember that your Hukilau passes don’t get you a seat at the Mai Kai! You must call the Mai Kai to make your dinner reservations.

Yankee Clipper Rooms Available
The Bahia Cabana has completely sold out, but the Yankee Clipper (which is where much of Hukilau is taking place) still has rooms available. Yankee Clipper rooms cost a smidge more, but the discount available through the Hukilau can’t be beat, and it’s going to be far, far more comfortable in the gross Florida humidity. Besides, it’s right across the street, which means you’re practically at the Cabana anyhow, and won’t be missing out on any of the always-fabulous Cabana room parties.

We found the above postcard from the Yankee Clipper a few weeks ago at an antique mall, and we couldn’t pass it up.

To get your Hukilau tickets and learn how to make your hotel and Mai-Kai reservations, visit the Hukilau website.

One thought on “Lots o’ Hukilau News

  1. Will you be able to purchase tickets for the hukilau at the event? I want to go to the concert Friday night so I need a Friday night pass and I want the Saturday Day pass but my friend isnt positive she can go so I didn’t want to get the tickets online.


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