Hanford Lemoore Adds Image Uploading to Tiki Central

I ♥ Hanford Lemoore
I ♥ Hanford Lemoore

Late last night (or early this morning, depending on your sleeping habits and which coast you’re on), Hanford Lemoore rolled out a very cool new feature on Tiki Central, one that’s already going over huge with Tiki Centralites. When creating a post, you can now upload images from your computer right onto Tiki Central, and Tiki Central gives you the BBCode you need to put the picture into your post — just copy and paste.

Previously, users had to find another service to host their images (usually the very-cruddy Shutterfly, which cuts the edges off of pictures, compresses them poorly, and gives a small image), and then figure out what the right URL was for the pictures (not always a straightforward thing), and then write out the BBCode to make the image work in the post. Not rocket science, but a major pain in the keister, especially for those who only have to do it once in a blue moon.

The change should make it much easier for folks to show off pictures of their latest creation, their latest cool thift store score, their latest trip to their favorite tiki outpost, or their latest novelty-album-that-attracts-traffic-from-porn-blogs. Mucho mahalos, Hanford!

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