Tiki Found in West Virginia

Young's Cafeteria in West Virginia
Young’s Cafeteria in West Virginia

Tikitommy reported on Tiki Central a very unusual find — a bit of old tiki in West Virginia, a land that until now had been considered a historically tiki-free area.

The place is Young’s Cafeteria, a family restaurant (no bar) in Glen Dale, West Virginia. The restaurant itself is a more standard, family restaurant affair; the tiki room is in the back. Tikitommy reports:

This place is incredible, for it has a number of tikis on the walls, bamboo everywhere, the round hanging, netted lanterns, thatched, individual booths that are cozy and very retro. The place IS authentic retro, for it appears that it is has been that way for quite some time.

He doesn’t have any photos, but hopes to head back there soon with camera in hand. I did a little Googling and found some pictures of Young’s Cafeteria from a family’s visit there; they didn’t dine in the back room, but one of the photos gave the tantalizing glimpse seen here.

Much is still not known, especially the big questions: when was the tiki room created, and what inspired it?

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