Lots of New Images of Tiki in Critiki

by Mr. Bali Hai
by Mr. Bali Hai

Thanks to the new ability for anybody to add images to Critiki, there’s a lot of great new stuff to look at. A lot of this is a backlog of photos I’d taken recently, but about half of it is images submitted by tiki enthusiasts just like you. All told, 186 new images have been added to Critiki in the past few days, spanning across 31 different locations.

The onslaught of new images inspired Mr. Bali Hai, of Eye of the Goof, to create this clever bit of propaganda. Now you can’t resist! You must join your tiki brothers and sisters, and do your bit for the greater tiki good!

If you have photos or scans of stuff from your collection you’d like to contribute to Critiki, it’s sooper easy — just look for the link to “Add it to Critiki” on each location’s page.

UPDATE: I’ve been inspired to create on of my own:

Work to build a powerful Navy Grog
Work to build a powerful Navy Grog

5 thoughts on “Lots of New Images of Tiki in Critiki

  1. There is not a second to be lost in preparing to strengthen opposition against the onslaught of Party City. Learn from Sven Kirsten, border warrior always faithful to Chairman Vic.


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