Tiki Cherry Barrettes

Tiki Cherry Barrette, from My Baby Jo
Tiki Cherry Barrette, from My Baby Jo

My super-swell hair stylist, Kelli O’Neill, hipped me to these sweet tiki cherry barrettes from My Baby Jo. My Baby Jo sells clothing and accessories for the Rockabilly crowd — the redundant cherries / swallows / horseshoes / flames / tikis / dice approach to typical Rockabilly stuff is a little too Garanimals-y for me, but darned if the scene isn’t full of a ton of cute stuff regardless. These barrettes have cherries with handpainted tiki faces, so no two are alike — I like the simple style on the black & white ones pictured here, but some of the others look a bit too cartoony for my tastes. Each barrette is $15. My Baby Jo has a site for online shopping, or you can visit their retail store in West L.A.

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