Nothing Says "Fancy" Like a Moist Towelette

Aku Aku moist towelette, from the collection of Tikiranch
Aku Aku moist towelette, from the collection of Tikiranch

This is one of the more divine mementos from a Polynesian restaurant I have ever come across. There are so many little things in life that bring me joy well out of proportion of their small role in the universe: Bottle Caps, cocktail umbrellas, capers… but perhaps this is best exemplified by the moist towelette. I still get silly-happy when I get them, and even more excited when I get to use them. I love that fake-lemony-alcohol scent (so much so, in fact, that I have an embarrassing predilection for Mike’s Hard Lemonade on those rare occasions I’m not up for hard liquor — please don’t tell anyone).

This one comes from the Aku Aku in Las Vegas, which was once at the Stardust. It’s the first time I’ve seen a custom moist towelette from a tiki place, and it’s especially great since it also has not just any tiki on it — it has a drawing of one of Aku Aku’s massive moai, which were carved by Eli Hedley; one of them resides today at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. I really love the drawing of the waiter, offering the individual “Just for You” towel. So fancy!

I found this at the blog of Tikiranch — there are actually scant tiki things on the blog, but he does post many highly covetable flea market finds (check out the Hacienda Barmobile postcard!).

6 thoughts on “Nothing Says "Fancy" Like a Moist Towelette

  1. I’m fiendish for them. I buy a bunch of packs of them and open them all at once, and arrange them in one long line of each color, always facing up. Then, I start eating them, starting with the flavor I have the most of, and eating them in this order: grape, cherry, orange, cola. For instance, if I have 7 cherries, 5 oranges, 5 grapes, and 4 colas, I would eat them like this: cherry… cherry… grape, cherry, orange… grape, cherry, orange, cola… grape, chery, orange, cola… etc. You’ll notice I don’t eat the root beer ones — I save all of those in one long line, and I eat them all only when I’m done eating all the other flavors.

    It’s one of my odder traits. I think perhaps I have an unusual variant of OCD that only pertains to candy.


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