Colorado Springs: A Night at the Castaways

Flyer for a Night at the Castaways
Flyer for a Night at the Castaways

The Rocky Mountain Tiki Newsletter presents a fun evening: a Night at the Castaways. The Castaways restaurant opened in 1971, and it still has its original tiki decor intact. This little-known restaurant is in Manitou Springs, at the foot of Pikes Peak, just outside of Colorado Springs. The gang is getting together there at about 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 21. A whole bunch of people will be gathering first in Denver, and forming a caravan to make the 60-minute drive; they are meeting at 4:30 in the parking lot of the Red Robin restaurant at the Park Meadows Mall, and will have maps to hand out. If you’d like to RSVP, or you’d like to start receiving the Rocky Mountain Tiki Newsletter, contact Zulu Magoo at

3 thoughts on “Colorado Springs: A Night at the Castaways

  1. Wow! I went to high school in Manitou Springs, and I passed by the Castaway all the time…I didn’t know that it was a Tiki restaurant! Darn!

    I’ll have to go next time I’m in the area…


  2. I use to go there when it was a dance club for a short while back in the 80’s.
    Is there any functions still occuring at the Castaways? Do they ever promote the Tiki Bar/resturant? It would be great to start something there monthly if that would be possible. Like a 50’s/60’s retro meeting for those interested in the past glory. Please let me know! I would love to go and enjoy some Falernum and other great drinks.


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