Basement Kahuna Bar Available

Basement Kahuna bar
Basement Kahuna bar

An incredible opportunity: Basement Kahuna created this gorgeous home tiki bar for a residential installation that hasn’t worked out as planned. His loss is your gain… he’s willing to part with it for only $450. The bar is six feet long, and has three carved Rarotongan masks on the front. The only catch is that you’ve got to pick it up at his place, in Georgia. However, he’d be willing to bring it down to Hukilau for pickup there, if a Hukilau attendee winds up buying it. If you want it, shoot an email to Basement Kahuna at The bar will go quickly!

One thought on “Basement Kahuna Bar Available

  1. Hi, I build tiki huts and bars here in FLA. I have been to Hawaii and the International Market Place, so I have the tiki in me since 1967. I hope that all that is tropical in nature can be saved or at least preserved. I love the web sites that you created. I would like you to do mine one day.

    Tiki Mike
    Satellite Bch, Fl.
    P.S. see you at the Hukilau


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