Alameda: Bad Liver Mug Sale

The Bad Liver mug, by Munktiki
The Bad Liver mug, by Munktiki

On Sunday, October 1, at 3pm, a limited edition version of Munktiki’s new Bad Liver mug will go on sale at Forbidden Island. This unusual mug, designed by Stuckie, is shaped like a rotten liver. Some of the Bad Liver mugs will be sold on eBay, but this special batch of Forbidden Island Bad Liver mugs have an elaborate multi-color glaze, and won’t be available anywhere else. (The mug pictured does not have the exclusive Forbidden Island glaze.) Each Bad Liver mug sold at Forbidden Island on October 1 will come with a coupon good for one Bad Liver cocktail, an award-winning drink by Forbidden Island co-owner Martin Cate. Only 25 of these mugs will be available, at $60 each. There will be a strict one-per-person limit, and the sales will be in-person only, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mmmm. Bile.

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