6 thoughts on “New Tiki Bar TV Episode: Snake

  1. I know, and Myers, too. Their first episode was for a Margarita (cringe), so at least they’ve come that far… they do, however, occasionally use Havana Club. Lucky bastard Canadians!


  2. Is it wrong that I don’t like this show? Maybe it helps if you think Lala is all that. But, it is only marginally tiki. The “Mr. Tiki-er Than Thou” in me really does not like them getting attention with that name. It’s more of a loungy kind of thing. I guess I resent their using the “tiki” name. The show is well done and kind of campy and cute. Something inside me wants to make my own episode though and be more tiki and less loungy… Maybe I’m jealous and I show disdain out of repressed desire…


  3. Nah, of course you don’t have to like it — one of the great things about tiki is that it’s big enough to be discerning about, and if this isn’t your bag, that’s fine. I agree it’s more lounge-y than tiki, but there are plenty of tiki elements and nods to tiki.

    I think there’s plenty of room for a videocast that pays tribute to vintage tiki. Maybe you could partner up with pablus for it!


  4. I discussed this with Pablus. His idea was for us to all play characters named after Mai Tai ingredients. Basement Kahuna would be “Orgeat”, Pablus would be “Fresh Mint”, I’d be “Curacao”… Someone send us a script!


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