My Travels: Hukilau

Hanford Lemoore at the Mai-Kai
Hanford Lemoore at the Mai-Kai

This post about our trip to Hukilau has been sitting here, taunting me in its mid-drafted state, for weeks now. Just the details from the first day were already too long to be a reasonable post — a full account of the whole weekend was looking like it would be a bloated whale of a thing. I could have put it up, but who would have read such a gangly monstrosity? I just need to clear the blockage and just get going with the blog posting, fercrissakes. So to get a sense of the fantastic time we had, just check out my photos, and read the threads of Hukilau memories and pictures on Tiki Central. The only thing missing from the pictures is the afterparties — they happened out in the Atlantic ocean, under the stars, a few dozen of us in our underthings and thankfully cameraless (that includes no webcams).

On with the show, already!

2 thoughts on “My Travels: Hukilau

  1. I just can’t do it! It would take me too long — Hukilau was just epic. The pictures will have to do the trick.

    A few highlights:

    — Jeff Berry’s excellent seminar
    — the Mai-Kai — every damned thing about it
    — Waitiki’s performance! I loved that room, and you guys sounded just right in it
    — Atlantic Ocean Afterparties
    — seeing everybody, everybody, everybody — what a wonderful turnout!


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