Video of Islands Restaurant

Chongolio has created this great little video clip of the Islands Restaurant in San Diego, using footage he took at last year’s Tiki Oasis. It includes a nice, lingering pan shot of the clamshell fountain that was demolished last week (you can see heartbreaking before & after pictures on Joel Delano’s blog).

2 thoughts on “Video of Islands Restaurant

  1. Very nicely done!!

    Thanks Chongolio and Humuhumu!!

    I’m sure glad I got a chance to see it this year at the Tiki Oasis. It makes you think about these classic places everytime you visit them that it could possibly be the last. Enjoy these places while you can folks!!

    Cheers and Mahalo,


  2. I’m so glad I got to see it in person — I wish I’d seen it before the earlier remodel, but even as I saw it, it was fantastic thanks to all the vintage water features. I’m so upset that Hanford never got to see it. It’s so frustrating that the word didn’t go out earlier.


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