Tiki Meets Giger

Scott & Thayer's Bamboo Crazyness
Scott & Thayer’s Bamboo Crazyness

My friends Scott & Thayer recently picked up this remarkable piece of furniture from an Asian decor warehouse that is going out of business. It’s a sort of chaise longue, made of bamboo that is twisted around into something grotesque. It looks to me like a chair H. R. Giger might create if he was asked to do decor for a tiki bar. Bamboo doesn’t bend well after it has been harvested, so most furniture is made from the similar looking, but bendable, rattan. This bamboo likely bent as it grew, and the most gnarled bits are likely bamboo roots. Thayer says the invoice called the chair “BAMBOO CRAZYNESS,” which sounds about right.

2 thoughts on “Tiki Meets Giger

  1. Hey Humu- small correction: all the curved parts that make up the back and arms are made with the rhyzomes (underground root structure) of the Chinese timber bamboo, not the shoots.

    Also, the planking that makes up the “seat” is split bamboo (you can make out the ‘side-by-side’ combs, indicating that only about 6 peices were needed to span the depth of the seat (about 3 and 1/2 ft).


  2. Any idea how old it is? Bamboo is remarkably versatile, isn’t it? I have a feeling it was made in the Philippines. I see a lot of Indonesian work and this doesn’t look anything like what comes out of there. Thanks for sharing!


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