Sven Kirsten’s Tiki Modern Coming in 2007

Sven Kirsten's Tiki Modern
Sven Kirsten’s Tiki Modern

Sven Kirsten’s much-anticipated follow-up to 2000’s The Book of Tiki is nearly ready to go to press. The title is Tiki Modern and the Wild World of Witco, and Amazon’s site in the UK (but not in the US) is offering pre-sales (hence this snazzy sneak peek at the cover). Amazon is offering it at £16.49 (that’s about $32 US). By the time the book is actually printed later into the new year (Amazon lists March 2007, Sven says summer is more likely), I’m sure it’ll be available domestically, so there’s no need to pre-order from across the pond, unless that floats your boat for some reason. I won’t judge.

Sven’s first book introduced the world of Polynesian Pop to the general populace, and painted a lovely picture of the depth and breadth of its influence. His newest volume expands a bit, and explores the juxtoposition of midcentury modern with midcentury primitive — in particular, the art and furniture of William Westenhaver, whose pieces produced under the name of Witco already command high prices (sure to rise once this new book arrives).

Nod to Trader Woody for the heads-up.

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