Seattle: Lushy at Hula Hula

Lushy, at the Polynesian Room in Vancouver, B.C.
Lushy, at the Polynesian Room in Vancouver, B.C.

Lushy, a darling bossa/exotica, loungey-but-dancey band based out of Seattle, is playing a show at Hula Hula on Wednesday, February 7. Lushy sounds so good in nice, intimate spaces, and Hula Hula’s space is probably just about perfect for them. It’s a great opportunity to give Hula Hula a whirl — early reports are that Hula Hula is a neat space, but that the modern/rock music played there is a mismatch — and my guess is that Lushy will give the place the mojo it may be missing.

Lushy's eponymous album
Lushy’s eponymous album

Vocalist Annabella Kirby leads the gang of stylish pop musicians through infectious songs that sound like they could have come off a ’60s European soundtrack. Two of my favorite songs of theirs are “French 75,” a cheeky ode to the francophone life, and “Bella Beretta,” an homage to Annabella’s kick-ass, Vespa ridin’ momma (as seen pictured on the cover of their album). If you can’t make it to hear them in Seattle, I recommend picking up their self-titled album, put out by Dionysus Records.

Lushy at Hula Hula
9:30 pm, no cover
106 1st Ave. N.

4 thoughts on “Seattle: Lushy at Hula Hula

  1. That’s very cool. I have been thinking Hula Hula might be a great place to start the “Tiki Oasis Caravan” tour with the Haole Kats and Crazed Mugs. Capacity is 217 there and that is a good amount to have a big turnout and a real tiki bar band experience. If Lushy has room to play, the guys will too. Yeah!


  2. If memory serves, the space is just about perfectly sized for these bands, although I don’t remember the Romper Room (a previous incarnation of the space) ever hosting any live acts. It’s split into two separate rooms, with the bar dividing them (unless the floor plan has been changed in a remodel). I certainly can’t think of a more appropriate venue for tiki bands in Seattle — Lava Lounge has had Lushy play, but it’s really too small.


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