Trader Vic’s Roundup

Here’s an update on some of the Trader Vic’s openings currently slated, from the Trader Vic’s website:

Shanghai, China – Opened on New Year’s Eve

Dallas – February, 2007 (it’s been pushed back many times, but February 11 is the most recent date)

Las Vegas – in June, 2007

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Bar in Dubai – April, 2007

Chicago – late 2007 (This has been pushed back quite a bit — their initial estimate was that it would be open by now. There have been rumblings of union troubles (I don’t know of which sort) causing some delays.)

Doha, Qatar – late 2007

Amman, Jordan – late 2007

Beijing, China – late 2007

Earlier Trader Vic’s opening reports on Critiki News:

2 thoughts on “Trader Vic’s Roundup

  1. I saw your news, congratulations! That is a remarkably fast timeline, but maybe they have a head start with a space that doesn’t need major modifications before decoration begins. (She says while trying to stifle her true suspicion: that they aren’t really bothering to do much to the space at all, and/or it’ll open closer to March 2008…) Hey, at least you’ll be able to get a good Mai Tai!


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